Direction (Q. 1 - 5) : Read the following information and then answer the questions following it.
Four persons participated with their horses in a horse race. The colour of horse of each individual was different. Those colours are White, Black, Brown and Reddish-brown. They call their horses by different name — Raja, Doga, Tara and Ola. They got four prizes I, II, III and IV where I is for the best performance.
1) The colour of Awadhesh's horse is not brown.
2) Ola. which is not white, eot either first position or the last position in the horse race.
3) Sanjay's horse got one position above Awadhesh's, but one below the black horse.
4) Deepak's horse was positioned just above Raja, but was just below the white horse.
5) Deepak's horse is not Tara. Pramod, who is the friend of Deepak, was also one of the participants in the race.

Whose horse won the first prize

A.  Pramod
B.  Deepak
C.  Awadhesh
D.  Sanjay
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Who owns Raja ?

A.  Pramod
B.  Deepak
C.  Sanjay
D.  Awadhesh
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Which of the following depicts the colour of Awadhesh's horse ?

A.  White
B.  Black
C.  Brown
D.  Reddish-brown
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Which of the following horses won the second prize ?

A.  Tara
B.  Ola
C.  Doga
D.  Raja
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Which of the following statements is true ?

A.  Tara is owned by Sanjay.
B.  The colour of Deepaks horse is reddish-brown.
C.  Ola is owned by Deepak.
D.  None of these
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In a certain code language the word 'DEMIMONDA1NE' is written as 'EDNHOMPBDFQB'. How will the word 'EXPOSTULATED', be written in that code ?

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Direction (Q. 7 - 10) : In each question below is given a statement followed by three assumptions numbered I, II and III. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement, then decide which of the answers (1), (2), (3) and (4) is the correct answer.

Statement: The board of directors of 'X' coaching institute — a premier coaching institute — has decided to charge a fixed amount of Rs 10,000/month from each of its franchisees in urban area and Rs 5000/month in rural area.
I. Profits gained by franchisees in urban area differ from those in rural areas.
II.. Franchisees will be able to pay the respective charges according to their respective categories.
Ill It is feasible to expand branches and control them by fixing a target.

A.  Only I
B.  Only II
C.  Only I and II
D.  None
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Statement: "Most schools in India continue to be teacher-driven, where students have little participation in the learning process. There is no response to societal changes that have been induced by globalisation, developments in communications, networking and technology." — A criticism made by Mr X
I. True education means^greater participation of students and congruence with societal changes.
II. Education can't be obtained by assuming teacher as the only source.
Ill It is desirable that education be imparted by considering those factors in mind which are in tune with the needs of the student.

A.  Only I
B.  Only II
C.  Both I and II
D.  None of these
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Statement: "We must select educators and not academics. They should have the ability to teach in the canteen or even at bus stop!" — Mr X
I Teaching is an art. It asks for a thorough knowledge of the subject as well as the ability to put across that knowledge to others.
II. The skills required in transmitting knowledge are, at times, quite different from a person's receiving skills.
III. It is not necessarily true that a good student will also be a good teacher.

A.  Only I
B.  Only I and III
C.  Only II and III
D.  All
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Statement: The World Food Summit in Rome was on the verge of becoming a fiasco on its opening day when western countries stayed away, prompting accusations of indifference to the fate of the malnourished and starving people because the third world countries send civil servants and ministers rather than prime ministers and presidents.
I. Prime ministers and presidents are more efficient than civil servants and ministers.
II. Prime ministers and presidents enjoy more power than civil servants and ministers.
III. A meaningful outcome can be obtained only when the real powers attend a summit.

A.  Only I and II
B.  Only II and III
C.  Only I and III
D.  None of these
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