Direction (Q. 1-5): A number arrangement machine, when given a particular input, rearranges it following a particular rule. The following is the illustration of the input and the steps of arrangement:

Input 207 59 324 23 135 173 312
Step I 207 59 312 23 135 173 324
Step II 23 59 312 207 135 173 324
Step III 23 59 173 207 135 312 324
Step IV 23 59 135 207 173 312 324
Step V 23 59 135 173 207 312 324

This is the final arrangement and step V is the last step for this input.

Following is the step 111 for an input. What will be the first step for the input ?
Step III: 12,315,48,223,142,419,567

A.  315,12,48,419,567,142,223
B.  223,315,12,48,142,567,419
C.  48,315,12,142,419,223,567
D.  Cant be determined
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If 91,326,147,271,193,371,416 is the second step of an input, which of the following steps will be
91,147.193,271,326,371.416 ?

A.  Fourth
B.  Fifth
C.  Third
D.  Cant be determined
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Which of the following is the last step for the following input ?
Input: 310,105,45,241,417,36,281

A.  36,45,281,105,241,310,417
B.  36,45,105,281,241,310,417
C.  36,45,105,241,281,310,417
D.  45,105,36,241,281,310,417
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How many steps will be required to get the final output from the following input ?
Input: 18,93,11,43, 113,65,8,58

A.  Six
B.  Five
C.  Two
D.  None of these
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If the following is the third step for an input, what will be the fifth step ? 
Step III: 20,27,85,165,133,47,185,220

A.  20,27,85,133,165,47,185,220
B.  20,27,47.85, 133,165,185,220
C.  20,27,47,165.133,85,185,220
D.  Cant be determined
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If it is possible to make a meaningful word with the 2nd, 4th. 5th, 7th and 12th letters ofthe word ISOLATIONISM, which ofthe following will be last letter of that word? lfmore than one such word can be made, give 'X' as the answer. If no such word can be made, give 'N' as the answer.

A.  N
B.  M
C.  X
D.  1
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What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following series ?
C 484 Y, F 289 W, 1 144 U, ?

A.  L 100 S
B.  L 81 S
C.  L 64 S
D.  L 49 S
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Direction (Q. 8-10): These questions are based on a code language which utilises letters in the English alphabet. In each question, there is a word written in capital letters, with one letter underlined. For each letter in that word, there is a code written in small letters. That code is denoted by 1, 2,3,4 and 5, not necessarily in the same order. You have to find out the exact code for the underlined letter in the word. The number of that code is the answer. Please note that the same letter appearing in other word(s) may be coded differently.


A.  i
B.  t
C.  a
D.  m
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A.  d
B.  q
C.  n
D.  o
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A.  1
B.  f
C.  a
D.  w
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