Direction (Q. 1-5): Study the following informatíon carefully and answer the given questions.
Seven scientists—M, N, J, T, K, P and R—represent a different country each in an international seminar, viz India, Canada, France, Germany, China, Japan and Korea, but not necessarily in the same order. Each is a master of a different subject, viz Physics, Geophysics, Electronics, Chemistry, Maths, Meteorology and Geology, but not necessarily in thesame order.
J represents China in Physics. T represents Canada but neither for Maths nor for Chemistry. The one who represents Japan is a master of Geophysics. K is a master of Maths but not from Korea. M represents Germany and has excellence in Meteorology. The one who represents India is a master of Electronics. P represents neither Korea nor Japan. R excels in Chemistry.

K represents which of the following countries ?

A.  India
B.  Japan
C.  France
D.  Korea
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Who among the following represents Japan ?

A.  R
B.  K
C.  P
D.  N
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T is a scientist of which of the following subjects ?

A.  Geology
B.  Geophysics
C.  Electronics
D.  Cantbe determined
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Which of the following combinations is correct ?

A.  R-Electronics-France
B.  P-Electronics-India
C.  N-Geophysics-Korea
D.  R-Chemistry-France
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The scientist of Chemistry represents which of the following countries ?

A.  Canada
B.  France
C.  Japan
D.  Korea
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Direction (Q. 6-10): Each of the questions given below consists of a question and three statements numbered I, II and rn given below it You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.

How is 'L' related to 'W' ?
I. 'P' is wife of one of the sons of 'X' and mother of the grandson of the father of 'Y'.
II.. 'Y' is the father of 'W' but 'W' is not the daughter of the wife of 'Y'.
III. 'L' is the brother of 'T', who is granddaughter of the father-in-law of the mother of 'L'.

A.  None
B.  All the information even together are not sufficient.
C.  Any one of them
D.  Onlylu
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Who among A, B, C, D and E, each of a different weight, is the heaviest ?
I. C is third when they are arranged in ascending order of their weights. Neither B nor E is heavier fhan C. A is not the heaviest.
II. B is heavier than C and E but lighter than only D.
III. A is lighter than B and D but not the lightest.

A.  only I
B.  Only II
C.  Only III
D.  Either I or II
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How is 'rise' written in a code language ?
I. 'price rise rapidly' is written as 'tic dic nic'.
II.. 'growing demand rise price' is written as 'pic nic rotic'.
III. 'low price down inflation' is written as 'fa su nic mo'.

A.  Only I and II
B.  Only II and III
C.  Only I and III
D.  All I, II, and UI
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Which village is towards the south-west of Village B ?
I. Village A is to ,the south of village B, and Village C and Village D are to the east and west of Village A respectively."
II.. Village C is to the east of Village B and Village D is to the soufh of Village C.
III. Village A is to the west of Village B as well as Village C but nearer to Village B than to Village C. Village D is to the soufh of Village A.

A.  Only I
B.  Only I and II
C.  Only II and III
D.  Either I or III
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In a written exam, who scored the highest marks among P, Q, R, S and T, given that each scored different marks ? 
I. Q scored less than only R and S.
II. P scored more than T.
III. Neither R nor S scored more than T.

A.  only I and II
B.  Only II and III
C.  Only I and III
D.  All I, II and III
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